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Web Design

We want to help Biggar and the Clydesdale area get onto the internet and let people know what the area can offer.


More and more people are moving out of the city and buying houses in South Lanarkshire and the Borders. These people are used to using the internet to find everything they need. Having recently moved ourselves we went looking for local trades people, local suppliers on the web, we just couldn't find people. We would like to be part of making local businesses, clubs and organisations more succesfull and offering enew and existing members of the community the chance to find what their looking for.

How much work is it?

We can spend as little as a couple of hours on a basic site, with just essential information like what you do contact information and some images. This can then be put onto the internet and can remain unchanged, but will always give you a presence on the internet and people will know you exist. Obviously the more information you want to have the longer it takes to set up and you may want to update items like prices or images over time.

How much will it cost?

This very much depends on what you want to put on your site. We can set up a basic site for you for around £50. Updates and more complicated sites will be more expensive. Websites need to be hosted somewhere and this can involve a monthly fee. However if you have an internet connection at home you probably already have some free webspace*. The other item a business should have is a domain name (ie hamletdesign.co.uk), this can cost as little as £2 a year. Website creating software can be expensive for proffesional users but there are cheaper or even free software that we can show you how to use.

Cost Breakdown

Creating the site
£50 upwards
Buying software
Free to £300
Domain name
£2 to £20 per year
From £4.99 per month


Other Options

Once the website is set up or even instead of us creating the website, why not get us in to show you how to do it. We come to you and show you how to do it yourselve then you have no ongoing update costs.


Examples of our work




* Some Internet Service Providers set conditions about what the web space can be used for



Introductory Offer

Charge now £20/hour (was £25/hour)


Contact Hamlet Design via our online form or on 07803 588627 or email to info@hamletdesign.co.uk